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Published 29 May 2020

IWC men   s and women   s watches

While most Maisons noticeably categorise their Men’s and Women’s watches, it’s no new idea to see some masculine styles worn by women and even some feminine models on men’s wrists. We’ll be looking at some of our favourite ‘neutral’ styles that complement any wrist and wardrobe. 

With the pioneering spirit of aviation, this iconic collection from IWC is bold and boasts a harmonious mix of elegance and sportiness. The more known styles come in at 40mm diameter, however there are a few 36mm models that are suitable for smaller wrists. We love the Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage worn by Adriana Lima adding a touch of maximum style. Alternatively the enchanting “Le Petit Prince” Edition is a timeless and eye-catching choice.

Panerai remains a distinctive brand in that it does not directly advertise to women as a key suitor for their rather larger timepieces. However that shouldn’t stop any watch lover from venturing into their iconic timepieces that undoubtedly make a sartorial impact. The Luminor Due emerged as the elegant and sophisticated counterpart of generally sportier watches from Panerai, with its thinner movement and sunray burst dial motifs. The 38mm option provides a sleek alternative to the larger Panerai cases, and is a perfect evening option.

A timepiece first requested by Polo playing British Officers stationed in India, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is now a classic Art Deco design standout in the world of watches. Timeless in its face surrounded by its three emblematic gadroons, the Reverso has been enchanting both men and women with an eye for beauty since its creation. Often androgynous, it knows how to show off its femininity in jewelled models or affirm its masculinity by pronounced complexities and a marked Art Déco aesthetic. For that harmonious androgynous style the medium size is our favourite Reverso.



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