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A celebration of Art, Sculpture and Beauty.
IPPOLITA jewellery articulates the beauty of art and its necessary place in the world.

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Born and raised in the Tuscan hills just outside of Florence to an American artist mother and an Italian intellectual father. As a young girl, Ippolita Rostagno discovered her love for jewellery in the shops and stalls of Ponte Vecchio.

She identifies a void in the jewellery marketplace for fine jewellery designed to be worn daily in a casual manner. Over the years, she has refined her creative techniques and personal aesthetic into a signature language of natural, organic shapes and sculpted form, always defined in 18K Gold.

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IPPOLITA’s main material is, of course, gold. 100% of IPPOLITA gold comes from recycled sources, and its quality is identical to mined gold.

In keeping with their beliefs, IPPOLITA marries the love of beauty with respect for Mother Nature. The world contains a finite amount of metals and minerals, and they are commited to using only previously refined gold.