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Expressing an avant-garde, original approach, Pomellato’s sophisticated coloured stone combinations feature peculiar gem cuts and visionary designs. Impeccably crafted, Pomellato pieces have led the brand to embody a modern yet unconventional beauty, immediately recognizable per the Maison’s signature style.

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The Company was founded in 1967 in Milan by entrepreneur Pino Rabolini. He belonged to a family of goldsmiths and his idea was to introduce prêt-à-porter, more versatile designs for women into the conservative world of jewelry. With 1967 being a revolutionary era for women, Pomellato jewels represented the image of a powerful, independent woman who chose her own jewelry.

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Pomellato is incredibly proud of being able to create and produce all of its jewelry on site at Casa Pomellato. Thanks to a team of one hundred goldsmiths and artisans who create each one of the jewels by hand, from the beginning to the end, Pomellato is one of the few Maisons in the world that has an integrated creative atelier working year round, to transform ideas and inspirations into precious jewelry works-of-art.

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Sensual volumes, unmistakable details and sophisticated shapes render our jewels into objects of desire. Dynamic designs that give modern forms to gold, sculpted into big chains, articulated pendants, rings, and classic Gourmettes. A jewel needs to be as functional as it is beautiful, and as modern as it is precious – an approach that has always defined Pomellato’s design identity.

Pomellato is the unquestioned forerunner designing with New Precious gems. Since its inception, Pomellato has been an unconventional fine jeweller, pioneering the use of a coloured palette of gems not traditionally found in mainstream jewellery. Pomellato uses the widest range of colourful stones, working them in an artisanal manner that gives them a unique sense of luxury, preciousness and extraordinary beauty. Pomellato jewels dare to create new combinations of colours and materials, surprising proportions and unmistakable designs. Despite their unique style and construction, Pomellato jewels are extremely easy to wear, and perfect for the everyday.