Founded in 1960 by Laurence Graff, Graff is renowned for producing the most fabulous jewels and diamond engagement rings in the world. Today, after more than five decades at the pinnacle of the luxury jewellery industry Graff continues to push the boundaries of ever-greater innovation and excellence. Involved in every stage of the jewellery making process – from the sourcing of each rough stone, right through to the cutting, polishing and final setting of each exquisite jewel – Graff is a diamond company extraordinaire.


Available in classic and contemporary styles, Graff’s captivating wedding jewels are works of art designed to bring joy to your special day. Showcasing beauty, purity and the breathtaking brilliance of signature craftsmanship, Graff diamond engagement rings tell love stories for the ages.

A celebration of the love you share together, each Graff diamond exudes elegance from the highest level of cut, clarity colour and carat. From Round Brilliant, Emerald Cut, Heart Shape, Pear Shape and Oval, each diamond is imbued with its own character and charm to reflect the essence of your individual, innate beauty.

Graff diamond engagement ring settings are inspired by the notable gemstones that have passed through the House of Graff. Each ring is uniquely fashioned by famed London artisans, accentuating the natural beauty of every precious gemstone. All of our designs encapsulate the unique personality and passionate fire of the Graff diamond at its heart.

Visit our Graff boutique in Crown Melbourne for the silhouette that best captures your imagination.


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