Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Watches

Since its inception in 1839, Patek Philippe has achieved an unparalleled level of prestige amongst those who appreciate fine watches. Each Patek Philippe timepiece is a work of art whose beauty reflects its mechanical perfection. A study in understated elegance, these exceptional creations transcend passing trends without ever losing their appeal.

Patek Philippe Watches

Grand Complications

Patek Philippe’s Grand Complication watches are a testament to the supreme skill and expertise of Patek Philippe watchmakers. Each complicated watch captures a lifetime of artistry and skill that results in an object of timeless worth.


Patek Philippe’s signature model, the Calatrava, was established in 1932 and showcases sleek lines and subtle elegance. These exquisite timepieces transcend time and trends, recapturing the hearts of each new generation. Buy Patek Phillipe at our Kennedy Sydney and Melbourne boutiques.


Patek Philippe Watches

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