The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 is perfect all-day, everyday

Published 1 April 2021

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Offering an elegant entry into Patek Philippe’s world, the Twenty~4 collection has the distinctive honour of being the first collection the brand has made dedicated to women. The idea behind this casually stylish watch is a watch that is suitable for wear at any time of day or night. With its special mix of geometrically chic design and superb performance, this Patek Philippe lives up to the promise of its name.

Off the cuff

The style of the Patek Philippe Twenty~4 is known as a ‘manchette’, or cuff, silhouette. The rectangular steel case is perfectly formed: a strong, classic shape, elevated with the twin rows of brilliant-cut diamonds that flow seamlessly into the steel strap. These details give the Twenty~4 a textural, bracelet-like look that is perfect for every ensemble, from office casual to cocktail chic.

The steel case and bracelet is highly polished, but the hard-wearing metal can’t compete with either the diamonds or the dial when it comes to radiance. The dial is a fine sunburst, with a glowing finish that catches the light in entrancing ways. With the bold applied Roman numerals, the design of the dial is further enhanced by 10 glittering stones that serve as hour markers. At 25mm across and 30mm from top to bottom, the case of the Twenty~4 is — along with the rest of the watch — perfectly proportioned. The size doesn’t overpower, but it’s also not so dainty that it feels fragile. Patek Philippe’s clear purpose is also evident in the choice of a quartz movement to keep time.

The queen of quartz

When this collection was initially launched, it was notable not just for the fact that it was made solely with women in mind, but also because it was powered by a quartz calibre. While the vast majority of Patek Philippe’s watches are mechanical and automatic, there’s something quite special about Patek Philippe’s quartz watches. Quartz movements, which use a battery for power and rely on the subtle vibration of a quartz crystal, are complex works of engineering. Patek Philippe was one of the Swiss pioneers of quartz technology, which offers far improved accuracy compared to mechanical watches as well as incredible user-friendliness – the wearer doesn’t need to worry about keeping their watch wound. For the dressy-yet-practical Twenty~4, it was a natural choice. Of course, the Geneva-based brand is one of the finest watchmakers in the world, and that is reflected on the manufacture calibre E15, which has six jewels and is decorated with Geneva stripes and a Calatrava cross.

The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 collection includes watches with automatic calibres and a more traditional rounded option. Still, for its combination of bold lines, a generous sprinkling of diamonds and unfailing performance, it’s hard to go past the geometric elegance and precise craftsmanship of this purpose-built woman’s watch. How would you wear it?

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