Moments from Fashion Week with Liz Sunshine

Published 8 June 2021

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From the excitement of the runway to behind-the-scenes of content creation and the capturing the latest fashion, Kennedy joined photographer Liz Sunshine across Australian Fashion Week. For practicality meets style, the timepiece of choice for Liz was the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Read on to hear from Liz take us through a typical day in her Fashion Week schedule.

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I often say time is the most valuable resource in life, as there is a finite amount in each day. During fashion week this couldn’t be more apparent, with our schedule meticulously planned to ensure we see each show, are available and ready to photograph key faces and fashion, maintain our editing schedule and still allow for delicious team dinners. 

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso was the perfect fashion week timepiece

6:30am – Our day starts – I wake up, shower and get dressed. I don’t tend to each breakfast, but make time to sit and have a tea. Pack my handbag with an apple and look over the schedule.

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8am – the start time for the first show varies each day, but by 8am we are either already at the first show or on our way to an offsite location. With our morning well and truly started, I’ll spend the next few hours attending shows and looking for key fashion moments to capture for my publication and brand clients – this year I was photographing street style for Australian Vogue. 

12 midday – by now we’ve been to two or three shows and my editor has been working really hard in the media room. It’s time for me to check in and make sure all my images are being delivered to the clients on time and look the way I want them to. 

1pm – after ensuring everything behind the scenes is running smoothly, I look at the schedule and head to the next show. 

2pm – it’s lunch time, my favourite lunch spot is Bills. Because each location is visually beautiful, the food is always healthy and delicious, there are also a few locations, so it’s a convenient stop on the way to and from Carriageworks where Fashion Week is held. 

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3pm – By now we are about half way through our capture for the day. It’s time for another client delivery and checking what has gone live online. I’ve experienced lots of fashion moments on and off the runway, and always love taking time to see what Vogue has published.

3pm – 8pm – the rest of the afternoon and evening is filled with many shows. On and off the main Carriageworks location, it’s Uber after Uber, picture after picture, until our shot list is done for the day. 

9pm – even though dinner is late, it comes around really quickly and is a welcome change of pace for the day. When I’m in Sydney I have a team of photographers and assistants with me, all shooting for different clients and different purposes. We like to stay somewhere where we can cook and have a dining table as this is where we laugh the most, but we also love going out to dinner. This week our favourite dinners were Franca and Bistro 916. 

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10pm – 12pm – though most people might be done for the day, I take this quiet time to edit any extra imagery and go over the schedule for the next day before switching off and going to bed, excited to do it all again tomorrow.

Photography: Liz Sunshine & Streetsmith Agency

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