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Published 14 May 2021

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Whether it’s a classic diamond bracelet, or a triple butterfly silhouette ring adorning the finger, every piece of Graff jewellery embodies a harmonious balance of beauty and rarity.

Leaders in the field for over half a century, Graff is globally celebrated as a house offering an elegant and emotive high jewellery experience. This is achieved through a combination of exemplary design and brilliant diamonds that elate and inspire every client. Family, history and heart exist at the core of the brand, resonating in every cut, clasp and carat coming from the house’s workshops. A piece of Graff jewellery is not simply an expression of effortless elegance. It is a universal celebration of an art form based on intricate craftsmanship and, of course, the world’s most brilliant diamonds.

When it comes to the design and production of its high jewellery collections, family heritage ensures Graff is a cut above the rest. Founded by Laurence Graff OBE in 1960, Graff exemplifies how a family business combines classic elegance and contemporary spirit in the creative process. Under the current direction of CEO Francois Graff (Laurence’s son), who has maintained the house’s independent family-run structure, Graff continues to mesmerise with scintillating collections reflecting the delicate forms of nature.

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What makes a diamond a Graff diamond? As a world leader in rare diamonds of distinction, Graff is actively involved in every stage of a diamond’s transformative process. Stones are sourced, cut and polished, adhering to the most rigorous standards concerning size, shape, colour and clarity. The house’s master cutters appreciate that no two diamonds are the same. Each presents a rare opportunity for creative ingenuity in cutting with scientific precision, resulting in unique brilliance with every stone.

Tilda’s Bow

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Playful and feminine, Graff’s Tilda’s Bow Collection embodies the combination of signature craftsmanship and charming modern spirit. The collection’s studs, pendants and rings celebrate the house’s iconic Bow motif, recreated from diamond ‘ribbons’ enhancing each day with effortless elegance. Hand-cut by Graff’s artisans to create fluid curves and delicate silhouettes, every piece catches the light with that unmistakable Graff vivacity, bringing a sensual luminosity to the wearer.

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Tilda’s Bow Collection features the white gold Classic Diamond Stud Earrings set with 3.60 carat round and baguette-cut white diamonds. Perfect for both workday and weekend wear, these studs express effortless femininity in their potential to elevate even the simplest outfits.

RGP610 RGP610 Hero 1

Illuminating the neck and décolletage with a mesmerising 10-carat teardrop diamond, the Tilda’s Bow Baguette Cut Diamond Drop Necklace is an exquisite expression of classical charm, the focal point of any cocktail outfit or eveningwear ensemble.

Butterfly Collection

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Another iconic Graff motif is the Butterfly, delicately captured in enchanting diamond silhouettes. The motif is a significant element in Graff’s creative identity, featuring on longer-length necklaces and dual-finger rings as well as more traditional diamond studs, pendants and bracelets that appear to float weightlessly on the skin. Graff’s Butterfly Silhouette Collection features a pavé diamond butterfly with outspread wings, enlivening the wearer with the joy and beauty of the natural world.

RGR753 RGR753 GR77287 Hero 1

Set in white gold, the Triple Butterfly Silhouette Diamond Ring features three butterflies that embrace the finger with playful charm. The wing’s pavé diamonds shimmer in the light, creating a vibrant, eye-catching sensation.

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The Butterfly Silhouette Diamond Drop earrings are another spectacle in this collection. Diamond butterflies are delicately suspended from swan hooks, moving gracefully with the wearer as they venture from day tonight. Like each design in the Butterfly Silhouette Collection, these earrings illuminate the face, bringing a glint of natural radiance to both formal and relaxed outfits. ‘Whatever nature gives us, we explore and build upon,’ said Laurence Graff. These words resonate through not only the Butterfly Silhouette Collection but every collection created by the House of Graff.

From sourcing the world’s rarest diamonds, to exploring timeless design outcomes, Graff embodies the ultimate quest for perfection. Inspired by the forms of nature and fine design, the wearer is invited to experience the emotional charge that goes into every hand-crafted piece of high jewellery. From subtle pavé studs to pendants that shimmer with stellar luminosity, the House of Graff has an offering to complement every style and occasion. At the core of the brand is an understanding that, just like people, no two diamonds are the same. Regardless of the colour, clarity, cut or carat size, each diamond presents an occasion to celebrate the characteristics that make it unique.

This brand ethos has not only earned Graff its position as leaders and global visionaries in the high jewellery industry, but perhaps more importantly, continues to offer clients an unparalleled experience of elegance and refinement embodied in each piece of Graff jewellery.

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