The Father’s Day Edit

Published 27 August 2018

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Guest editor Miles Wharton, co-founder of The Bespoke Corner Tailors chooses three of his favourite timepieces for Father’s Day.

As the years pass my love for watches grows stronger and stronger. I believe behind every watch there’s a fantastic story surrounding why it was purchased at that particular point in your life.

Gentlemen don’t have many ways to accessorise and therefore the watch they have on their wrist will speak volumes about how they like to portray themselves. 

Just as you would choose the perfect “Bespoke” suit to wear, depending on the occasion and even your mood, a great watch really is the ultimate accessory with which you can show a little of your personality in a subtle way.

Apart from being a great investment, watches are meant to be worn, enjoyed and eventually passed down to your children.

My Father’s Day edit contains three different styles of watches that can be worn daily and rotated through your collection.



Panerai are well known for their collectors’ pieces so they’re sure to hold their value.  Like all Panerai pieces, this model in oro rosso is great as a daily watch for work or to wear casually with jeans and t-shirt. 



It’s elegant, luxurious and suitable for special occasions and important meetings.  The strap can be changed to a black crocodile band for black tie events which pairs perfectly with the red gold case.



Classic and timeless, the thick Roman numerals add character to the face with its beautiful blue hands.  No matter what the occasion, this watch is always a perfect choice.



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